Felon Performance is an Australian owned and operated one-stop online shop for muscle car parts. We are located in Gold Coast, Queensland.

What’s our story?

I’m Michael, founder and owner of Felon Performance.
I’ve spent my youth building and repairing all types of cars and as any sane car lover, I fell in love with the power, performance, look and lion-like roar of muscle cars – especially Chargers. This is not a superficial love and I don’t just love them because Dominic Toretto does (in Fast and the Furious 1 – 790). I know these cars intimately, inside and out and the more I get to know them, the more I love them.
Honestly, I could go on about these iconic cars for days but you’re not here to read my Charger love story, you’re here because you’re probably a muscle car lover yourself and are looking for parts.
When I was building my chargers, I purchased my Charger parts from a number of sellers across Australia and overseas as it was hard to get them all in one place. I also often had long waiting periods before receiving my parts. That’s the reason I started Felon Performance – to source authentic charger and other muscle car replacement parts, and have them available in Australia, at a reasonable price, under one roof… or store, well, online store to be exact.
I hope you find Felon Performance as useful as I would have when I was building my cars!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to our muscle-car related chats.

Why ‘Felon Performance’?

Meet Felon, the epitome of muscle car beauty and performance, in my biased opinion.
Felon is my very own 1968 Charger. I restored her to her current glory over a number of years and a great deal of searching for parts. I enjoy every second I get to drive her.
I can say, that I love muscle cars; either supplying parts to all you car enthusiasts through this site or building another Charger to love and to drive myself.

Authentic parts guaranteed

Quality and authenticity is of utmost importance when it comes to our car parts. We personally understand that if you’re restoring a classic car, you need an authentic part for a seamless fit and optimal performance.
At Felon Performance, we guarantee that all our parts are sourced from reputable suppliers who are dedicated to muscle car parts and that these parts will fit the specified car they are made for.
To make it easy for you, all of our parts include a list of cars they are suitable for, with the year, model and make in the description. When purchasing parts from us, just check this car list to ensure you get the right part for your car.

We price match!

If you find the exact same car part for a cheaper price anywhere else in Australia, we will match that price.
All you have to do is email us a link to the car part that you found and we will contact you confirming a price match if the part is the same type and matches our quality.